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Our store is currently closed. You are welcome to look around but we are not currently accepting orders.

About Us

Welcome in Out of the Box!

I am very pleased that you are visiting my shop. I hope you will find the parts that you are looking for! 

Out of the Box joined Brickowl in 2014, but has extensive experience elsewhere. Our customer satisfaction is very high! Feel free to look around and check our feedback.

I am a big fan of creative building: just imagine what you can build with lego! It is perfect to unwind after a busy day! So, in my home there is always some lego project in progress. I use this store to sell the lego I do not use (anymore). Most sets have been in my own private collection for years. Recently I am reorganizing my collection, so check my store for vintage sets in nice condition!
Delivering good bricks and good service is important to me. I do not sell parts or sets I don't want to receive myself and I treat my customers like I want to be treated myself! So I will always check your order thoroughly before sending you the invoice and I will use first class packaging to send your order in. I will always be available to answer your questions, if there is anything that is not clear, please send me an email!
After you have received your order, I would appreciate your feedback.
The -not so- small print:
  1. For using Paypal, the buyer pays 5% of the order total plus EUR 0.50 to cover the transaction costs.
  2. Orders with a value of more than EUR 25  will always be sent registered.
  3. Used lego, is what it is.... Used, and can be scratched or discolored. However, I will not sell broken or chewed up pieces.
  4. I ship through PostNL but I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged orders. If you are worried about the postal services, please select registered mail.
  5. I will treat your order with the utmost care. But I am still human, if there are any problems, please contact me and Iwill try to find a solution.

This store is a private store (consumer to consumer), we therefore do not accept returns of any kind, we do not cancel orders because a buyer changes his/her mind. Also check shipping in regards to our refund/claims policy, particulary in regard to Paypal payments.

Parts Quality:

New items are straight from sets or leftovers from purchases for my own projects, they are always in unplayed condition, but might show frictional wear from the original package, from transport or from long time storage.

Used items are generally in good condition, the odd nick and playwear are possible as used items are generally from bulk. The degree of quality may vary when buying larger quantities of the same part.


We strive to ship as fast as possible, within 2-5 days after payment has been received, this excludes weekends and holidays.

Registered shipping mandatory when paying with PayPal.

Stock shortages:

Due to using parts of my stock for my own projects (and forgetting to remove them from the store), it may occasionally occur an item (or full lot) is no longer in stock, in such case, I,will send you an email about this. The costs for the missing item(s) will be deducted from your invoice.

Order shortages:

Please contact us if your received order has missing items (or wrong items), this may occur (we are human, not robots), we generally send a refund for such, unless the items are valuable (more then 2 Euro), in such case we'll make a backorder.

Payment / Order options:

Paypal: Euro 

IBAN/BIC: Euro (if send from another valuta, please make sure this does not involve costs for us, as we will charge this cost back to you).

Cash on Pickup: Euro only, exact amount (we do not keep change).

Last Updated: 27 May 2019